Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ashmore Palms' welcomes new babies!

At Ashmore Palms', we are very excited to announce the arrival of some new babies. We recently welcomed a baby Hyacinth Macaw and two baby Military Macaws into the Ashmore Palms' aviaries. They are settling into their new home very well and enjoying lots of attention from their carers, staff and guests. The exotic parrots are for the exclusive enjoyment of Ashmore Palms' guests. Did you know that Ashmore Palms has the largest private collection of Macaw parrots on display in Australia? Pictured below is the new baby Hyacinth Macaw giving one of her carers, Gloria, a high five!

To celebrate the arrival of the new baby Hyacinth Macaw, a world class sculpture featuring a mother and father Hyacinth Macaw with two babies in the log nest is currently being installed in the rain forest near the bird aviaries. Don't forget to bring your camera on your next visit to Ashmore Palms to get some photos in front of the new sculpture. We look forward to seeing you and your family here soon!

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